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                        Most of us have discovered networking isn't as easy as they'd have us think it is. For one thing it's hard to pick a company to affiliate with. They're so many of them to choose from. And, there are so many products available! 

Then, if you're cautious, you need (should) do a bit of research about the company and if the products they offer have any testimonials both good or bad. Do their products do what they claim to do? How much do they cost? Are there any types of guarantees? How much can you earn?

It's a daunting task trying to decide if you are making a good decision to start with them. Do you really what to be known as the person that is associated with the particular business your considering? 

And all this is before you try to start selling their stuff. Assuming you did join them. This is the hardest thing of all. Selling can be difficult.

First, you have to find clients. Then, you have to convince them they need what you have to offer and why. Then you need to get them to give you their money. 

Another issue is, you will be perceived as a Sales Person. I've been in Sales all my life and know some very fine people that sell but; the general opinion is that 'a salesman' is out to get you. All they want is your money and it's assumed a salesman or woman will tell you anything to get you to buy.

This is a hard thing for you to overcome. And, if you are in mlm, people will start to avoid you because they don't want to 'join' your opportunity. They are tired of you because all you talk about is the 'great opportunity' you've discovered and how we'll all 'get rich' soon if you just join me in business. (I know, I know...)

You're probably very discouraged by now reading this but let me give you a way to overcome almost all these issues. It's really pretty simple.

This is the easier way to get into business and have success: Sell Services!

People need Services. If you offer a Service that solves whatever problem they have...you have a Sale.

Selling Services also helps your image with Clients. You're not thought of as a Sales Person, you're a Consultant. Consultants and Agents have much better reputations than sales people.

And...you don't have to create or fabricate a 'need' like you do when your selling pills, or miracle drinks, or weight loss powders. Nope.

With Services, your Client already has a need. Since your Service will solve his problem...your Client will love you. You're the answers to his issues and he will be very receptive to all your offers and suggestions.

Plus it's a different type of client. With normal mlm products you deal mostly with individuals. With Services you're dealing mostly with businesses.

In general, a business has more money and can afford to pay you. Services usually cost more than a bottle of vitamins so you make bigger commissions.

So, the bottom line is with Services: 1) Clients are a lot more receptive to you so they are easier to approach. 2) They have usually been looking for someone to help them. 3) You're perceived as more of a Professional and not just another salesperson. 4) Services generally create higher Commissions for you than ordinary products do.

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Hope this has been useful for you.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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