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A Not So Secret Weapon - Are You Using It?

First of all this will work in almost every business on the Planet. Because, we humans love getting something for nothing. 

Here's an example. You got to the bakery and buy a dozen donuts. You get home and discover there's not just 12 donuts...there's 13. It's called a  baker's dozen. The reason for it is the baker appreciates your business and throws in a little extra as a thank you for giving him your business!

Most very successful businesses do this. Car dealership might throw in new floor mats or give you a tank of gas for buying. The grocer may have a 2 for 1 sale or send you a couple of coupons for $15 off your next shopping spree.

And don't think these nice folks are losing money by doing this. Heck no! Because...and psychologists have studied this, human nature is wire in such a way that we remember when someone does something nice for us. 

If I go to the baker and only get 12 donuts and not 13, the first thing I'm going to remember is that other baker gave me the extra donut. I'm going to start going back to him. And I'm going to tell all my friends that he gives you a little extra when you buy. And, I am never going to go to the other baker. Why get just 12 donuts when I'll get 13 at the other place!

This is also easy to do in most online businesses. Say you are an affiliate of a particular bizop. And let's say you are telling someone about your side-hustle. If you mention that when he partners with you that you will give him a $50 card good for dining out, or a $100 hotel discount card or even a 3 to 5 day vacation voucher as a thanks for joining your business...is he going to join with someone that doesn't offer those incentives?

Probably not. In fact, you can grow your business up to 60% quicker by giving away incentives than if you didn't. It's just good business.

The incentive company I've used for a long time is called Marketing Boost. If you became a member you would be able to give away unlimited Vacation Voucher (up to a $1500 value) to everyone that joins your business. 

It's a great way to grow and build your team. You will also get more referrals by using  incentive based marketing. 

Marketing Boost also has an Affiliate Program so it can also become an extra source of revenue. You can check them out by joining their 7 day free trial. And you can cancel without charge during the 7 days you're looking at them.

Just click Marketing Boost and go see what I'm talking about. I just know we are able to build our online business quicker and easier because these Incentives Work!

Thanks for reading...all the best,

Donald Gaw

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