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David Allen Capital - If you are tired of the traditional network marketing scenario but still want a nicer lifestyle, more income and want something simple to join and promote...David Allen Capital just might be your answer. My agent ID # is: 650697917  Take a look on the Site. Just click the green button then Call Me Anytime if you'd like to talk. Our Toll Free Ph: (877) 293-9865. We are in the Eastern U. S. Timezone. We'd be honored to work with you. Note: DAC can be 'Right Now' Money because certain Services they pay the NEXT DAY!!!

(this short video can tell you more)

Join and Become an Affiliate (it's free) to offer these Services

Note: All we do is refer people. DAC's Team Closes each deal for us then we get paid! NO SELLING!

David Allen Capital Services:

  • Funding for Business (up to $2,000,000)
  • Instant Micro Funding
  • Line of Credit
  • DAC Healthcare
  • FlatFee Rx (Major Bizop for Affiliates)
  • Employer Plans
  • Individual Plans
  • ID Protect (Same benefits only less $$$)
  • Employee Pay Advance
  • Payment Processing
  • (100% Free) Become An Affiliate (Now Money!)

There's that Green Button again! It will take you to DAC.