Why I built this Website...

I get asked this a lot. So much so that…I started wondering why I did build it!!! ?? :-)

Let me go back up to over 20+ years ago when Lisa and first started online. We thought then the Internet (and rightfully so as it turned out) would become a great way to reach lots and lots of people for the mlm business we were just starting to promote. (remember…Shaklee)

So, we bought a computer and quickly found out that things were not quite as simple as we first thought. I guess we probably spent over $30,000.00 thru the years while learning about the Internet, about Marketing, about Spam, about ‘Gurus’, about Internet ‘Millionaires’, about Buying Traffic, about ‘Getting Rich Overnight’, about Autoresponders, about ‘We Build It for You’ Sites and, about So-called ‘Coaches’.

In other words, we learn mostly what to look out for. Probably the same stuff you’ve found out for yourself if you’ve been online for more than a minute or two. It’s interesting and sad that people will outright lie to you just so you’ll send them $7 for some ‘Report’ that is guaranteed to teach you how to earn ‘6 Figures Overnight’ and their ‘Advertising’ includes lots of ‘Testimonials’ from 'Satisfied' Customers. Yeah…Right!

Or...they drive around until they find an expensive neighborhood and jump out of their old car to stand in front of someone's mansion to take a picture to show you the house they 'just paid cash for'!  Oh well…

Anyway, we’ve mostly learned what to do and what to avoid and we’ve tried to steer clear of expensive, high ticket bizops. (A pet peeve of mine.) Bottom line is…if you’re making a profit on your products why do you need to charge me to go into business with you? If you want me to sell your stuff…let me!!! Can't these companies live off their profit margins?!!

You’ve seen it yourself. They’ll charge a fee to join, then they charge you a fee for the use of their back office, then there’s a monthly fee, a yearly renewal fee, a monthly auto-ship purchase for max commissions and, some can even take your downline away from you when it gets too big, so they don’t have to pay you anymore! (you gotta read the fine print)  And is it me or are almost all of them based in Utah? Why is that?

So, over the years, we’ve searched for and tried to focus on business that is either free or low-cost and that has minimal ‘extra fees’. What you see on this site is a result of that. Most of the business you can access on this site is free to join. I think the most expensive site is our Bonus Incentive Business and it’s less than $40 a month. A couple run only $10 to $15 monthly. Anyone can get started here with us. Several are 100% free to join.

We also have free weekly training. You can leave us a Voice Message 24/7 at: (877) BYE-9TO5 (877.293.9865). You can also text us 24/7 at: (502) 608.9055. Or use our Help Desk feature. (see the banner below)

We’re in the Eastern U. S. Time-zone and you can call us anytime between 8am and 8pm daily except Sunday. If we’re on the phone already, just leave a message and we’ll try calling you back asap. We don’t want to leave you hanging if you have a question about something. All our team members (partners) that have just joined us in something and are current members are entitled to a free Vacation Voucher to one of about 14 destinations for a 3 day, 2 night getaway. The Bonus is our way of thanking anyone for joining us. There are other spiffs available which we’ll go over once you’re on board.

I guess the short version of ‘Why I built this Site’ would be,

We dislike un-necessaryly overpriced Systems with little value and we were tired of high monthly cost for tools to grow your business with. And why is it that people wouldn’t call us back to answer our questions? Aren't we supposed to help the people that are in business with us? Stuff like that…

So…we built our “BizOp Café”. (silly name, huh?)

Thanks for reading and for visiting. I look forward to helping you online whenever you'd like us to.

All the best,

Donald Gaw


P. S.Friends, there are at least 5 types of wealth: 1. Financial wealth (money), 2. Social wealth (status), 3. Time wealth (freedom), 4. Physical wealth (health), 5. Spiritual wealth (your relationship with God) Beware of jobs that lure you in with 1 and 2, but rob you of 3 and 4, and possibly 5 (because a dead end job will eventually rob you of your belief that God wants great things for His children)